Security – Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)

We have been involved in a number of projects which fall under the CNI banner. From supplying networking equipment which is used to run the security system (CCTV, perimeter monitoring and Access Control ) of London Underground Train Depots and Site wide CCTV and Access Control at critical Thames Water treatment plants.

In addition we have supplied equipment for a number of more general CCTV projects for large Industrial premises and manufacturing facilities.


We have a strong expertise in PoE based products and technology.

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security is becoming a more popular and serious subject for Manufacturing Companies, Utilities and other Industrial Enterprises. The lack of understanding of industrial IT security issues within the industrial sector has caused major issues in terms of implementing good working policies and network structures.

IndustrialComms can help you – we have access to specialist industrial grade cyber security products from Hirschmann, MGuard and RADiFlow and we can also offer implementation, installation and configuration services.

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