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Whilst it is acknowledged that in most cases the In-Building Sector is typically served using Antennae technology, there are plenty of examples to show that EUCARAY® Radiating Cables from Eupen have their place within the concept of professional distributed antenna systems.

With an ever-congested radio spectrum antennas can be a poor choice due to the radiation pattern never truly being encompassed by the building structure, more power is often used but licensing the extra power requirements can be difficult in cities due to the sheer volume of radio signals.  This is where radiating cables have the edge over multiple/distributed antenna systems.

Some areas of a building are inherently hard to cover with antennas, Underground carparks are predominantly constructed from reinforced concrete having the effect of a faraday cage, for example.  High Rise buildings having many floors with varying construction materials, Airports, Shopping malls and Hospitals all have vast footprints that are difficult to cover with an antenna and at the same time fill all the gaps in radio coverage.

The scenarios above all lend themselves to the implementation of radiating cable.

Radiating cable can carry multiple frequencies thus saving time and infrastructure cost for WIFI and two-way radio networks which can be a big plus point for some installations.

Frequencies used:

• VHF; for Building Security and Maintenance Personnel
• UHF, including TETRA and TETRAPOL, to send Mission-Critical Communications into the entire Building for the Emergency and First Responder Services
• DCS; UMTS & LTE; for Mobile Services used by the occupants of the Building
• WLAN for Data Services provision to the occupants of the Building.

If one were to look at distributed antenna systems objectively and not as an all-Aerial or all-Radiating Cable solution, it would soon become apparent that a mix of the two technologies can often bring outstanding results.

Example References:

Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur
Lanigan Mine, Canada
Beumer Group Autover ® Baggage Handling
Vancouver Airport, Canada