Mini UPS Overview

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Phoenix Contact MINI uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) continue to deliver power even in the event of mains failure. We offer UPS solutions for AC and DC applications and protect your system against power supply failure.

Furthermore, our integrated solutions with power supply or energy storage offer a space-saving UPS system. Our software allows you to configure and monitor your UPS system. You can use the buffer modules to extend your UPS system and to also bridge short failure times lasting up to 30 seconds.

 Product Features and Specifications

  • The highly compact MINIUPS combines a power supply unit and electronic switchover unit in the same housing.
  • Full use of the energy content: processes and applications continue to be supplied for as long as possible

Popular Part Numbers

Part Name Art No Description
MINI-DC-UPS/12DC/4 2866598 UPS with integrated PSU, 4 A, in combination with MINI-BAT/12/DC 1.6 Ah or 2.6 Ah
MINI-DC-UPS/24DC/2 2866640 UPS with integrated PSU, 2 A, in combination with MINI-BAT/24/DC 0.8 AH or 1.3 AH

Product Specifications – see Manufacturers Documents

Accessories to order separately: Energy Storage