Ni-plated full-metal hood (series 109DC-110DC)

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Ni-plated full-metal hood (series 109DC-110DC).  With screw locking

For applications with high-quality shielding, Provertha developed a wide range of full-metal hoods with special housing designs for 360° shielding. Fast and easy assembly due to a practical construction with a minimized number of single parts is a key characteristic of the D-Sub full-metal hoods. With diverse options regarding locking, cable outlet and an extensive range of      accessories, the tailor-made solution can be realized.

Various locking options:

– Screw locking with knurled screws in various lengths

– Push-Pull locking with the innovative Quick Lock-system

– Slide lock in universal design Cable connection versions for highest requirements

All hood series:

– 360° EMI/RFI crimp flange-system vibration and torsion proof

– External cable clamp for diameters 4-14 mm (50-pole: -16 mm)

Quick Lock and 117/147 hood series:

– Internal cable clamp as an compact solution

The right hood for every application:

– Hoods with straight or angled cable outlet

– Hoods with multiple cable outlets

– Adapter hoods

Product Features & Specifications

  • 2-piece die cast hood
  • Shield connection with attached clamping system
  • For cable diameter up to max. 10 mm
  • Cable exit 180°: series 109 and cable exit 135°: series 110
  • Knurled screw UNC 4-40
  • Good performance with low price

Part Numbers  

Article no. Description:
10909DC001  9-pole 180° Set
10915DC001  15-pole 180° Set
10925DC001  25-pole 180° Set
10937DC001  37-pole 180° Set
11009DC001  9-pole 135° Set
11015DC001  15-pole 135° Set
11025DC001  25-pole 135° Set
11037DC001  37-pole 135° Set


Product Specifications – see datasheets in Manufacturers Documents