NV-202M/S – Power over LAN extender

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Netsys NV-202M/S – Power over LAN extender

NV-202M/S solution works in pairs for point to point connectivity. Its features of NV-202M can transmit data and power over a single pair of copper wire up to 2000m(6,562ft).Without the need for local power supply, NV-202S can provide power budget up to 15 Watts to PoE ports. Operators are able to deploy PoE devices in any locations, installing security IP Cameras, wireless access point security / VOIP, or access control systems at any place where you have basic wire connectivity.

Product Features & Specification

  • Support long reach mode up to 2km(6,562ft) / 5w power budget
  • Supports 1 x F-connector / Terminal block combo for line port using coaxial cable or twisted pair copper wire
  • Supports 1 x RJ-45 for fast Ethernet port with power injector (NV-202S only)
  • Supports 1 x DIP switch for line speed and interleave delay setting
  • Supports DIN-Rail mount installation
  • Supports wall mountingPart Information

Part Information

Part name Order no. Description
NV-202M NV-202M

Master unit of LAN extender with power adapter

NV-202S NV-202S

Slave unit of LAN extender with PoE

Product Specifications – see datasheets in Manufacturers Documents