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UNIGATE FC Series  РUpgrade serial devices to Industrial Ethernet protocols

The ready-to-install UNIGATE FC combines all the components of a 2-Port Industrial Ethernet interface in one module. The gives the user an enormous reduction in development time and effort (up to 70-80%) over a bespoke development of an IP communications stack and interface when upgrading an existing serial instrument or device.


  • Available for Ethernet/IP and Profinet
  • Dual Ethernet ports
  • Compact size only 47/52 mm x 56mm x 18mm
  • All processor and interface components on board including microcontroller, Flash, RAM, Ethernet switch, LEDs and Ethernet jacks.
  • Can be connected to the microcontroller of the terminal device, or can operate as stand-alone.
  • Variants available :

    Part Number Art No Description
    UNIGATE FC-Ethernet/IP 2 Port V3897 Single board Ethernet/IP interface module with 2 Ethernet Ports
    UNIGATE FC-Profinet 2 Port V3851 Single board Profinet interface module with 2 Ethernet Ports